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IMG_6795I inherited my hair from my dad. Thin, pin straight. In the eighties I invested in any perm in sight, to no avail. Resulting with the curls rolling down to my knees within hours. Now I realize how lucky I am to have pin straight thinning locks; all it takes is wet hair and a comb to maintain. I do not even own a blow dryer.

I am also cheap when it comes to my hair. I will admit I visit Great Clips four times a year at most, and even have my favorite stylist Juanita, who in those 10 minutes also functions as a therapist. To cover my grays, because I do have grays, I use L’oreal Root Rescue 10 Minute Root Coloring Kit at least once a month and anything else I can find on sale to cover my whole head every 3 months. I tried L’oreal Paris Root Cover Up spray but that tends to look a bit funny on the scalp. I am starting to think I need to own some stock in L’oreal. EverPure is another one of my faves. No shampoos that thicken or supposably add volume since they seem to be counterproductive.IMG_6803







With time my hair is thinning. My shower drain looks like a hamster has died in there. Extensions are not an option. I have personally witnessed the disastrous results of extensions in thin hair. It ended up in even less and thinner hair. Therefore I tried to resort to a more natural option: Castor oil.

The first time was a fiasco, castor oil has the texture of molasses. Do not pour it in your hands and straight into your hair as if you were applying mousse. Do pour a little bit into your hand and dab the fingertips of your other hand into it then proceed to massage it into your scalp and roots by going underneath your hair or flipping your hair forward. Leave it in over night or pull it back into a perfect slick ponytail for a day and you will notice the difference when you wash your hair the next day. It may be all between my ears but it leaves my hair feeling thicker and shinier.


It may all be in the eye of the beholder, my manes are still as thin, frizzy and straight as they were before, and I will continue to wonder how I have any hair left on my head after cleaning out the vacuum bag.

Writers note: filters are used in my current day photography to keep this site as pleasant as possible for you as a reader.

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