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Age II

Age The signs of aging remember? I promised to follow up.

First and foremost; my knees are a lost cause. I went through a bottle of Palmer’s oil plus my Oil of Olay “miracle” potion, all to no avail. I believe weight loss and old age have caused my knees to droop and it is something I will have to live with and I will continue to take those puppies out in public. No shame in my game! But boy are they unsightly…

The “wenis” is also questionable. In my case I believe this is unfixable as well but most likely on a longer term. Maybe with more lifting? Maybe I am asking too much in two weeks time?

The good news is that there is hope for that little flabby atrocity right by my armpit. Not so much with lotion and oils but by switching up my exercise routine. I love my floaty Barre friends, the exercises are amazing for toning and lengthening. But I had to resort back to my girl Jillian Michaels; results in toning in just two days. As mentioned many times before, I am not an expert, but I believe in my case the modified push ups work miracles on my side arm pit flab. A little bit below that you will find your boob fat, although the lady at Victoria Secret corrected me that it’s called breast tissue. Another area I need to tackle.


There are 12 CD’s to this 90 day exercise program. I honestly never made it past CD 5. But I see results and that’s all that matters. Once I am able to outside and get my 3 mile walks in I might go back to Barre for toning.

It’s a process people. Like everything else in life. Whether we like it or not.




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