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I have always had bags. Under my eyes that is. That’s me on the left at the age of 7 with bags. My upper eye lid problem I was able to fix but my lines and wrinkles around my eyes seem to be untreatable. It is because I smile too much, therefore they will never go away either. Thus far I have not found a miracle potion. I have discovered that I de need a lot of sleep and a humidifier.


My eyes do not like truffle, as used in the Skin & Co under eye treatment. Rodan & Fields dried them out. L’Oreal Revitalift  is a lifesaver when it comes to droopy eyelid but does not give me the same amazing results on the lower region. My favorite No.7 Youthful Eye serum shows a little improvement but maybe I should just stick with old faithful cucumber slices on my eyes. Clinique Repair Wear Focus didn’t do it for me. Bare Minerals Mineralixirs is good for a night cream because it is so nice and greasy. But I am not giving up hope yet. Maybe Strivectin..or stop smiling?

That all circles back to inner beauty. There will never be enough crèmes and potions to restore your youthfulness. But your youth comes from within even if your wrinkly eyes give you away. I read somewhere that the lines underneath her eyes were from smiling too much, the crease between her eyes was her WTF line. It shows character! But if someone has a solution I am still open to it…..


I worked with a 20-something year old who slept on her back to avoid premature creasing of the skin. Too little too late for that. I have tried a satin pillow cover, that seemed to work, diminishing those deep creases when you first wake up. Do men pay attention to their lines in the morning? Women do beat themselves up in general. But if it is for your own self-worth and not to please others I am all for it….

To be continued..



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