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Fashion has been a huge part of my life. I don’t like to label myself as a fashionista because I have never been a trend follower. I do my own thing. My obsession started out at a very young age. I am not sure if my mom encouraged it or just shook her head when I picked out a giant faux fur black and white checkered coat at the age of six. Around the age of 10, my grandfathers 70th birthday was celebrated in black satin pants topped by a floral dress, white socks and Mary Jane’s. My teenage years were influenced by Madonna and Prince. I shamelessly wore a white lace petticoat over my skirt. My mom will tell the world that she used to walk behind me pretending she didn’t know me.

Currently I’ll described my style as Tom Boy Chique with a preppy twist. I will never be a complete girly girl. Although every woman loves to play dress up for the occasional wedding or Holiday party.





My family are “over-dressers” although I believe Europeans in general are. We would not be caught dead in our fleece plaid PJ pants at the supermarket. We will, however, go to church or weddings in jeans….Europeans are also herd animals when it comes to fashion, the moment I land I can spot instantly what I should add to my wardrobe in order to fit in with my people. But I have always been a rebel….one thing I do love about the US…you can wear whatever you feel like…even if it is soooo last year.



As I am approaching 50, I sometimes rethink my outfit and think back to Prince’s “act your age, not your shoe size” line. Which in European sizes would be 37, therefore not a bad measure. I do have a weakness for sneakers and have no problem in wearing them in pastel colors or with tights and a dress. It’s comfy and stylish. I am not big on “trainers”, to me there is nothing attractive about them but since I have was informed from abroad that New Balance kicks are a hot commodity over there right now, I may budge. My good ole’ Chucks are still my favorite, whether they are in style or not!

My sneaker tips to make you look fun and funky, not drab and dowdy:

  • Don’t wear sneakers with regular jeans or bootlegs. Wear them with a cropped pair showing a little bit of ankle.
  • Do wear them with any type of legging, especially pleather ones!
  • Do wear them with thick tights, paired with sporty dresses and skirts.
  • Sneakers and shorts are always the way to go…..even with trainers.
  • And yes you may get those cute pink new Chucks even if you’re almost 48.

The latter was more a note to self. My apologies!








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