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Styling Secrets

I will let you in on a few secrets. These are things I have learned over the years…I have dressed a lot of people and have learned from their and my own mistakes!

First one is common sense; always accent the smallest part of your body. This will in most cases be your waist but can also be your ankles. For example; if you are more of an apple shape show off those legs. A friend of mine has the best bod with boobs, derriere and a small waist, she always wears dresses that accent her waist…looks amazing!

Accented waist line

Second: when you have boobs avoid a-lines. (unless you are that 60% leg girl!) Shoes Even when you’re smaller on top; do not wear a push up under your flowy A-line top it will make you look heavier. Keep in mind that with anything flowy and/or oversized on top, go with tight or short on the bottom and vice versa.

Thirdly: One solid color will always slim and elongate your body, as will dark colors. I am all for keeping the base one color and then adding a jacket or blouse to spice it up a little. The more you color block, the more you break your body up in pieces. I know this doesn’t always work but it is a good rule of thumb.

Fourth one has to do more with style than styling. My golden rule is that if you bare legs, cover the top, or when you wear a revealing top; cover your legs. Unless it is a 100 degrees out of course, then shorts and tank tops will be just fine.

Five: Jewelry overloads work when you are tiny, but what women often don’t realize is that a necklace can break up the line….you got it…breaking the elongated flow. In addition, it can take away from your beautiful face. Chokers can be tricky for the same reason but they are even trickier because they can accent the turkey neck! Big earrings in combination with a big necklace can mess things up too. Earrings are like shoes…they can make or break your look…that’s why don’t wear them at all…too much to think about! You can never go wrong with bangles….which I may wear way too many of on certain days!


Last but not least…capri’s….as explained before: not a fan…they cut off any leg length.

There is so much more but I will leave you with this for now. When shopping for sleeveless dresses keep an eye on that little below the arm pit flab. Spring Some dresses are cut fabulously to cover this not so attractive part…others not so much!




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