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Clothes make the woman….

Enclothed cognition has been my favorite research topic. Two reasons behind this; it justifies my previous fashion career was not as shallow as I thought it was. There is definitely a physiological connection to the human mind and clothes…or just let me believe there is. Secondly; because some of these studies come up with the funniest sh*t!

One research claims that men are more likely to approach women for a date if they are wearing red…, I wonder what the thought is behind that…like a bull to a red cloth? Or cause red is considered to be sexy and that is what you may be advertising at that time….mmmm….It would be a man with balls who approaches a woman in red, I can safely tell you that. This may fall into the same claim that women who dress more provocatively are more likely to be judged as less competent as those who cover up…Maybe this is why men are more likely to approach them? LOL No I am sorry; that was when you wear red…although there may be some kind of connection there….jusss saying.


This one is comical too: runners are more likely to greet other runners wearing similar gear. You mean like leggings and a tank? Or do runners just acknowledge each other in general due to the shared effort and/or suffering? Once again..mmmm….

According to the experts, if you wear your gym clothes or at least carry them with you, you will be more likely to actually exercise…(PB side note: or just be extremely comfortable all day) They say this may happen because your work out gear will actually remind you to make healthy choices, in addition to that being dressed to go reduces one of the excuses. What about the 12 others?

Let me stop knocking the experts. My thoughts on this are as follows: real men will approach women who appear to be confident. Red may be a color that portrays confidence, but I believe it will still be the vibe that a woman sets off because she feels amazing in her red pants for example. In a round about way, it all boils down to the same thing. Clothes can affect your mood and mindset, that is a fact.

When it comes to working out; I guess it will make a difference if your dressed to go exercise. I will just have to work on the other 12 excuses myself! Yoga pants are for yoga…not to get comfy on the couch in. Repeat to self!





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