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Due to my sun exposure, which at this age tends to shrivel me up raisin style, I spent the majority of my time in the bathroom in the morning applying lotion. This is quite a chore for a lazy person like me, but I realize the importance of it. You would think I would take the in “in-the-shower-lotion” short cut but these just don’t seem to do the trick for me. Although there are a few honorable mentions I would recommend (even though with all of these I still end putting on lotion at some point during the day).

Bath and Body works has a an “In-shower” lotion called Finish Smooth. Leave it up to me to find one that I believe they have taken off the market. My cheap behind bought it from Bath & Body works during their annual sale, therefore it is probably a “retired” product. No worries! Ebay still carries it. It smells pretty and does leave your skin nice and smooth as promised!

Nivea never lets me down! The brand originated in Germany in 1882…so they have to be on to something to still be around. Grab any of their in-shower lotions to remain moisturized for a good part of the day. My favorite is the Nivea Cocoa Butter in-shower lotion.

The best shortcut? Baby oil right before you get out of the shower. Either apply right before your last rinse or right before drying off. This is my winter go to method. I do recommend having a separate towel to dry your hair off with since you don’t want baby oil in your hair.

I also slap on coconut oil or castor oil a few times a month. It is a little messy since neither absorb quickly. But this stuff is also great for your hair, so feel free to run your hands through your hair with some excess oil especially as a leave in night time treatment.


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