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Spotted Fall Trend

I know I haven’t been up to par with my fall trends! This is because I am mentally not ready for fall yet. This is mostly due to the fact we are still in shorts and stylish tank tops in this part of the world but I am keeping my eye out for fall trends. There is one new trend out there that is almost truly “new” is “wardrobe personalization”. Besides the all American Initial and name embroidering on canvas bags, I don’t believe this has ever been a hype before.

It caught my eye when my beloved Zara mentioned this phenomenon in a newsletter e-mail. I take them seriously therefore it intrigued me. Normally I would instantly say heck-to-the-no. I know my own name, why share it with the rest of the world. We are not in kindergarten, I can find my coat on any random coat rack…..but what is kind of cool about this is that you can personalize items with a nickname or just your initials. Truly make it your own.


Cotton On was next in line….maybe this is truly going somewhere. Honestly I believe the US is one of the few places where embroidered personalization never went out of style. Whether it is on towels, cuffs, hats or the aforementioned canvas totes. We are all obviously unique individuals; why not put it on a shirt!? I will proudly wear Special-K on any jean jacket.

Cotton On

I, for now, will continue to personalize my outfit with my necklace which is my mom’s name in Arabic. That alone raises daily questions from by standers! I believe that necklaces with name pendants never went out of style ever since Sex in the City brought them back in style. If you can’t commit to exposing your true self on an article of clothing; start with wearing a name around your neck….any name. Start a conversation!


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