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I am pleasantly pushing 50 and have a lot to say and share and won’t shy away from self-humiliation. We are not our parents generation, as corny as it may sound but Madonna paved the way for us to look and act like teenagers even though we may look like fools…at least we are having way more fun!

I am by no means a girly-girl and a lot of this is new to me. I also might not be the best person to test anything due to my lack of patience and desire for instant results. But let’s be honest; we all like to remain looking our best at any age and hopefully I can be of a little help in that process.

I will always remain 100% honest about my reviews and product testing. With that being said I would like to clarify that certain things may not work for me but they may be golden for you!

Finally; I am by no means an expert! My scribbles are my own opinions not always facts.


And YES I use filters to enhance my pictures in order to keep this experience as pleasant as possible for you!


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