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Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

Little did I know that I stumbled upon a “cult favorite”. It had been lost in my pile of Allure box goodies. And boy what a goodie it is!

I only went looking for it to put a base on my eyes before I applied my liner and mascara. My aging eye lids don’t dig any kind of eyeshadow right now. It always cakes and gets into the creases especially during these dry winter months. To my surprise, this stuff covers without the caking. Even in my magnifying mirror, my worst enemy, this stuff remains undetected but yet covers…Now you know why this is a “cult favorite”. I’m quoting because I’m not 100% sure what that even implies.

I usually stick to a tinted moisturizer, since I’m not a fan of a lot of makeup. Besides the fact that I am not a master at applying this stuff so it’s just safer for me. In this case I put my big girl pants on and applied my The Ordinary Serum foundation followed by the setting powder. May I say “wow”. It didn’t look like I had a few layers on at all! It sets and mattifies, leaving your skin looking smooth as a baby’s bottom. I will save this for special occasions…

There is a BUT….the price. It will set you back $39.00. This may be well worth it since you need so little of it. There are a few comparable, way cheaper options. I have tried ELF Cosmetics High Definition in the past. This will give you almost the same effect for only six bucks. Another one I have been meaning to try is Maybeline Masterfix. The reviews for this product are just as great and costs $8.99. Things that make you go mmmm right?

What blows is that in researching Laura Mercier’s translucent powder, I stumbled upon her Secret Brightening Powder for under eyes….raving reviews. Might have to check it out!

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