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Red Carpet

What was it for? People’s choice awards? I honestly did not watch it nor do I know half the people on the red carpet. But I check it out for the fashion. Or the style, whichever you chose to call it.

My first observation: the capes. We all want to be superheroes. They are fun for the red carpet but very impractical elsewhere. I would be stuck in several doors a long the way.

Exposed midriffs. I am all for it. Especially now that I’ve learned that with a high waist almost everyone call pull this off. Props to Kristen Wiig, I’m sure she got some slack for it but she was rocking that look. It all came full circle with that amazing coif, in her Rodarte dress. I haven’t seen any best or worst dressed lists but I am loving it.

My faves were the pops of color, the sheer perfect asymmetry or the subtleness of a gown. Of course opinions differ and this is just my take. It also depends on my mood. I’m in spring mode now. Ariana DeBose was a winner on stage as well as on both red carpets she set foot on this weekend. She rocked gowns by Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrara. Wait for it….

My question marks were the dresses with the completely unnecessary addition of a pop of color. Using tule or organza of all fabrics. Or the built in hip structure. Not sure a lot of women would like to put emphasis on their hips like this but it’s definitely a style. I just question it.

The couples. I don’t care about their entanglements, they were picture perfect on that red carpet. Her hip accents were well placed. Will (big winner) made a brown suit look good which can go horribly wrong with the wrong hues of brown. Can’t wait to see what they have lined up in a few weeks!

Now Tye Diggs and his lovely partner. It’s amazing how he still outshines her even half way hidden behind the feathers. But all in all a surprising fashion night! Which I am a sucker for…getting back to “normal” people! On to the Oscar’s…

Side note; my favorite red carpet look this weekend was by Ariana DeBose once again at the BAFTA’s. She made my best dressed list for both events. In this case: I love yellow and I love showing off some leg…carry on…

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