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Closet etiquette

I have learned the true value of a closet since I didn’t have one for a while. Due to circumstances beyond my control I had my clothes in tiny piles on the floor for a few months. Once I had the luxury of a closet again I value it so much more therefore I made sure I stocked it generously!

There are a lot of articles out there about lists of stuff that you shouldn’t keep in your closet and certain things you should definitely have. Some agree with, some I don’t. No offense; just my personal opinion.

The don’ts for women:

  • Old bridesmaids dresses. I know zero about this, since I have never been a bridesmaid. Although I love a good wedding! I can imagine you would like to keep it for sentimental value or just cause you spent a crap load of money on it….which leads me to:
  • Things you spent a crap load of money on but never wear. Can’t relate to this one either because I never spent a lot on one item. In my Zara years I was forced into buying an expensive suit buy I ended up getting a lot of wear out of it. Is it still in my closet? Yasss!
  • Velour track suits….SRSLY? Even the ones with “Juicy” on your behind?
  • The logical things: anything with holes, stains, leggings that are almost sheer because you wore them to death…
  • Skinny clothes” I call these motivational clothes….I kept some of mine I am glad I did! I will try to throw out some of “I-used-to-be-thicker” clothes…but what if I need them again?!?

A few I don’t agree with that others will tell you to get rid off especially at “our age”….eye roll:

  • Painfully uncomfortable shoes…nah….I will continue to suffer thank you very much.
  • Bras that double as slingshots and panties that can be used as dental floss. Should we start rocking the granny panties? Negative.
  • Bodycon dresses. Trust me these are the best! I wear them to work with my oversized blazers, casually with a denim shirt tied around my waist or I pair them with a denim jacket and sneaks. This looks works for any age, any size, any time.
  • Halloween customes Maybe only because you don’t want to be caught dead in your same Halloween costume twice!!! But otherwise: please keep any costume in your closet!

As you can tell I am a bit of a clothes hoarder. Clothes will have a certain sentimental value for me, or a “maybe I will need it again later” or “maybe I will fit into this again one day” or “maybe this will come back in style again one day”. I also ten to stock up on things I love. I own several black long sleeve body suits, pleather leggings and a boatload of tank tops and white tees.

I know I have some male readers! What men should get rid of in their closet right now? The stand alone button down vest, ill fitting suits, studded belts, embroidered jeans, square toed dress shoes…oh and anything with flames or Ed Hardy on it. Sorry Ed…..

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