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About me

In The Netherlands we have a saying “hoe ouder, hoe gekker” which loosely translates to “the older, the crazier”. As I am getting older, I find this to become increasingly true. Mainly due to the fact that you can blame all your crazy actions, unfiltered comments and certain wardrobe faux-pas to your age. It’s a socially accepted excuse. But that is why I am here to help a lending hand, to guide you through the aging process gracefully with a huge sense of humor. Because I will bare all….like another Dutch saying “met de billen bloot”. Don’t take that too literal, because that would mean you are on the wrong site.

I am signed up to be an affiliate for Amazon. This will by no means influence my opinion on a product. With that being said “everything ain’t for everybody”, therefore something that doesn’t do the trick for me, may be perfect for your skin type.

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