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Valentine’s day is a day of love and affection. I was reminded that a key factor to our youthfulness comes from self worth, self love. Self affection I won’t get in to but I am pretty sure that is good for your skin as well.


I was reminded that age is all in your head, or as we say; in between your ears. Your mindset. Stress and negativity will age you. Get out there and dance…but also get enough sleep! Sleep is the best youth serum according to Helen Mirren, and I love to sleep….

I was reminded on this beautiful sunny February day that we all need sunshine and fresh air. I know sun is evil for your skin but I was raised that a tan looks healthy, and even though I have moderated my tanning sessions, I will always be a sun bunny. Another havoc on your crow feet is smiling but you know what….tough bleep…I will have crow feet then! The crease in between the eyes I refer to as the WTF wrinkle which also will remain there.

All this still doesn’t mean that the arsenal of products on your bathroom shelf will not multiply by the year nor will the price of these products decrease…but remind yourself on a daily basis that positivity, dancing, smiling, sleeping and fresh air are all free and so good for you!


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