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Politicians are not allowed to revise previous statements. This makes them untrustworthy. I hereby have to retract one of mine. “Leggings are not pants.” I even had a shirt made with this phrase. I should have added fine print. Leggings are not pants* (*unless you are under the age of 35, with a tight bootie, the right underwear, and show no camel toe). This may sound judge mental but you are probably guilty as well frowning upon certain women who were wearing the leggings as pants incorrectly. The reason why I’d like to revise my statement is that I have noticed some nice derrieres in leggings with shorter tops. I could probably pull it off myself too but that all goes back to act your age not your shoe size. Fashionista

Please note that at no time…and I mean NONE…are beige or white leggings ok….or maybe with a side note of possibly under the age of 12….

Do’s and don’ts of pleather leggings; pleather leggings are tricky due to the trashy misconception of them. I love pairing them with my Adidas sneaks or with a tunic blouse and booties. It’s a great look to rock some denim with too. Please don’t try to channel your inner Olivia Newton John and keep your red pumps away from your black leggings. Faux leather leggings will have to be replaced every once in a while since they “crack”. They are also fun in different colors, I managed to get my hands on a deep green as well as a red pair. The latter I will only wear with sneakers!

I love my leggings since I am all for comfort. I have never been big on jeans. Last winter I got my hands on a pair of faux fur lined leggings. Heaven! They do add a few optical pounds to your legs but its so worth it. Another legging debate is the do’s and don’ts of Capri leggings. For me this is only a solid yes when it comes to work out gear any other time…not so much.

Speaking of work-out gear: My next shirt will say “Don’t Run Unless Chased”. Custom made at as was the one pictured above.






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