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Spring is definitely my favorite season. (Not so much when a Nor’easter is blowing through) But this is also the season when fashion faux-pas’ will be on the rise. Besides the obvious mani-pedi’s which I will admit to I am extremely lazy about, not to mention a bit cheap, I will give you some friendly advise:

Spring prep list:

  • Shave yo legs! Especially if you are going to be wearing your distressed jeans. Furry patches are not cute.
  • Replace all your previously considered to be pearly white tank tops and tees, after a season of wash and wear they are not so white anymore. I also like to always have a crisp white blouse in my wardrobe, never fails.
  • A little self tanner goes a long way for that first short day. James Read has the best self tanners on the planet. Soleil
  • Try Tracy Campoli’s Bat Wings exercises on YouTube to get rid of flabby biceps. No one likes Bingo arms! My favorite video is the 8 minute one she posted in 2013. Remarkably effective!

Spring fave: Distressed jeans will make anyone look trendy, just remember we are not 20 anymore…


Tastefully distressed jeans, as seen here on the left are a winner for any age, You may pair them with some fancy heels or sneaks. You will never catch me in flip flops, but feel free to if you please…but leave the beyond-distressed-might-as-well-wear-shorts jeans for the twenty-somethings please.

As for the over the knee boots trend:



Keep in mind I am writing for the “aging”……over the knee boots are a definite go even when you are pushing 80 but here are a few guidelines:

If you can squeeze them over your jeans without a ham roll topping the boots….go for it!

I never see the point in any open toed boot ( get it? 🙂 but I love open toed ankle boots and will gladly freeze my toes off in the winter and have them stepped on while out dancing any other day of the week. But over the knee and open toe……let it go…at any age!

Over the knee with bare legs….very tricky! I am not touching that.

Over the knees with tight and/or leggings get a green light.

Come to think of it….maybe I should store them away until fall….



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