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IMG_7196Actual footage of my feet… apologies but I have to keep it real….

One of my male Face Book friends makes a point of asking the ladies every year to remember to take care of their feet before putting on their new spring sandals. My initial reaction is always “may I see your feet?!?”, this in sheer defense mode to divert the attention from my feet because I know he is right. Another one of my male friends pointed out that my feet are “jacked up”. I am fully aware that the only good thing about my feet is that they are small. My pinky toe is almost invisible due to wearing pumps when I was too young to be wearing pumps at all. I may have slight hammer toes due to high heels and pumps again and while I am at it; yes that bunion is popping up too. Every time I wear my red suede, 4″ heel pumps someone will exclaim how much they love them, followed by the question if they are comfortable. To which my reply always is; “B* do they look comfortable?!”. Hence my “jacked up” tiny little feet with chipped nail polish.


Confession; I got my first pedicure EVER two years ago and I have only had one other since. My new years resolutions included that I would take better care of my hands and feet but thus far I have not been able to stick to it.

Confession II; I will apply nail polish on the nails that are showing after I put my open toed boots on.

The proper way to do an at home Pedicure would be to: Soak, file, scrub, cut and shape your toenails, push back your cuticles or for the brave ones; cut them and then polish them. You can go a little nuts with your toe nail color. The reason why I am not going into a at-home-pedicure-tutorial is because I haven’t tried it myself. I will go into more detail once I have done so.


The bottom of my feet are rough too since I like to walk around bare footed. The trick to get rid of calluses off of your feet is to soak them in Epson salt for about ten minutes. Once the skin has softened you can remove the callus with a file or pumice stone. For the though cases, like mine, continue to file after your shower in the morning for about a week. I also do like my  battery operated Ped Egg, it works like a power tool for more instant gratification.

Another perk in the aging process is toe hair! The hair will develop during puberty but gets thicker and darker as you age. Lovely! You may blame your parents for any hair growth on your toes, this is 50% genetically determined. Plucking these babies is painful, putting a razor to it is mostly ineffective. You may use your Epilady or use a hair removal crème. Some may even consider getting a laser treatment. The latter maybe your best bet if you are able to French braid your toe hair. The only silver lining to toe hair is that these hairs are a sign of healthy blood circulation….


I will leave you with these amazing shoes I spotted on a 4 year old at Easter dinner yesterday. If I could I would sport these after a good pedicure and plucking your toe hair! Although the condensation part may look a little awkward….these booties definitely call for an open toe…







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