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So Snap Chat
Let me start out with that the only thing that truly needs a filter is my mouth, but there is no app for that yet.

The beauty of dating in your late forties could possibly be that your potential partner won’t have 20/20 vision anymore either. The fine lines, discolorations and chin hair may be a blur to him and he will see you through his own filter. Because let’s be honest; selfies are brutal! Who came up with this HD crap anyway? But then there are the filters…so scary, especially if posted on a dating website.

There are a ton of beautifying apps out there which instantly turn anyone into a beauty queen. Snapchat leading the way. I, for one, do not know how to use Snapchat therefore I don’t like it. I have no idea how to follow or share with this gadget, but it sure does take pretty pictures. (See the optical illusion of myself pictured above)

My first new bestie is an app called Bestie. This app retouches your complexion, contours and reshapes your face, brightens and gets rid of blemishes, touches up eye bags and even changes your eye color if you’d like.

You have the option of choosing over a hundred different portrait selfies. The top right is my original. I used the “Yoko filter” as seen in the picture below it to start with…don’t ask! I continued to soften it all up, note the forehead wrinkles are smoothed out in pic number 3 and I lengthened my mug in pic 4 and made my eyes greener. If you are still using animated stickers then you will be the happiest camper on earth with this app, but with this being an “aging” blog I will advise you to cut that out…let the puppy ears go please.

There are other apps that can add make up, contour, change your hair color, add accessories…you name it! I tried the You Cam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam app. This app has a lot going on and kudos to you who is able to figure out how to work it to its fullest capacity.

Obviously the picture on the far left is the original, I will admit I may have softened it up a little. I don’t want to scare you off. The second picture is with “cool” make up, the third and fourth speak for themselves. I obviously can’t rock the Taylor Dayne look! This reference was a test to see if you are old enough to follow this blog. The ones exclaiming: Taylor Who? are most likely just reading this for future reference. You are more than welcome!

During my research I even stumbled upon apps that will correct your figure and posture. The Perfect Me app can enhance your body, butt and boobs. I will promise to test these too!

Most new smart phones have a selfie option on their camera as well as Smart Auto Focus on the Samsung Galaxy Note for example. We are going to be fooled for the rest of our lives. I compare it to when you spot someone in a club who makes you go mmmm…until it’s time for the last call and the lights come on and it will be an uuuggggh.

Ultimately, all superficial thoughts aside, beauty does come from within. The most beautiful woman will lose her shine if she has a negative attitude. The hottest guy will not be so attractive anymore if he turns out to be obnoxious. Let’s be honest, of course the first impression is important but for long term the emotional click prevails.










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