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I just spent the last two hours of my life trying to figure out these so called body enhancement apps. There is a whole new world out there and honestly, it is kinda scary.

First and foremost; patience is required. This may be due to my age and the fact that I am not tech savvy at all, but some of these apps are not user friendly and loaded with advertisements.

The Perfect Me app is fun. You can enhance your boobs (finally!) and butt, slim your waist, lengthen your legs in seconds, giving me the Jessica Rabbit bod instantly. The only thing you have to watch are objects in the back ground. Please note the warped door!


Perfect Me is not loaded with ads and fairly easy to use. Besides body reshapes it will apply make up, filter, accessorize…the whole nine yards. I am secretly keeping this one!

Then the ab enhancer on Perfect Me caught my eye. It took me a minute to figure this one out because this will leave you disfigured if not used correctly. I will never have a washboard 6 pack stomach, mine will always be a washboard for delicates. But I will bare all with you.


Obviously the left pic is the original. The right is lengthened, waist trimmed an abs added. And I am sure that I didn’t even use the app to it’s fullest capacity. It is tedious to use. I think I am fine with what I have…

The Body Plastic Surgery: Retouch me app looked cool but I couldn’t figure out how to use it. Later on I realized that a small payment was required for their enhancement editor. This app did seem to have pretty cool features if you are willing to pay.

Changing a background was next on my list which I attempted with the Photo Cut out app. I will admit that at this point my patience was running extremely low and this would have worked out better had I taken the time. You basically cut the body contour of an existing photo out which requires a steady hand..or finger I should say. It will allow you to correct with an eraser but if you get to enthusiastic with that you will miss half of your body in one swipe. Lastly you can paste it to any back ground, either one of your own or from their free photo library.

IMG_7263I tried this with many pictures but resorted to this one due to the fairly easy silhouette, and the amazingly cute baby, please note how a chunk of my hair is missing due to aggressive eraser use…and I may have trimmed an inch off my side….

I am sure with time and patience this app will produce quality work. I question the purpose of all these apps, but they must be wildly popular because there are so many of them out there……I suddenly feel all of my 47….

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