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I will be the first one to admit that I am a sucker for samples and trial sizes. Receiving my Allure Beauty Box is a little like having a birthday every month although at this age a birthday once a year works just fine. Due to the popularity of Birch Box, Allure Beauty Box and Ipsy, I think it is save to say that I am not the only sample sucker. For a monthly fee ranging from 10 to 15 dollars you too can have a little bit of birthday bliss once a month!


Not to mention that everyone and their mama is offering beauty boxes now from Julep to Macy’s…all sooo tempting! I am sticking to my Allure Box, my roomie is getting the Birch Box (which wasn’t as impressive as my Allure box this month) my bestie is hooked on Ipsy. This is all wonderful because we can swap! And like little kids, we get excited when there is a full size item in our monthly finds.

The only thing that blows is that for a small price you receive top of the line samples. I am about to replace my 7 dollar faithful Colossal Maybelline mascara with a 28 dollar Tarte version. I am def not lacking in the lash department but this mascara makes them look so pretty! Knowing myself well enough, my cheap ass will go back to Maybeline.

Another gem I found was Youth to the People Kale + Spinach Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid Superfood Air-Whip Moisturizer cream. Funny how they can make a combo with hyaluronic acid sound organic. But it is 100% Vegan. The question now is if I will trade in my beloved No.7 moisturizer for a mere $25.00 for this goodie priced at $48.00. Still not too bad…I know…maybe I will switch them up until the next best thing comes along.

This just proofs that the marketing behind these sample boxes is genius because you will end up buying a fair share of these products which you would normally not spend a full 50 bucks on just to try it out. Why didn’t I think of this!

And sometimes it just let’s you feel glamorous for a sec. Like when I tried the Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion sample. I love, love, love the smell of it…so much that I never really checked if the lotion actually did what it promised. But I will never spend $42.00 for a hair lotion. Then again….never say never right!?

Amazon also offers awesome sample boxes to prime members. You actually have to purchase them but you receive a credit towards a  purchase of the same amount. I know I had to steak in another Amazon plug! But I am truly a sucker for samples and this seems like the perfect solution!



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