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We are funny creatures. With “we” I mean women. We are a resilient bunch for sure! Through our crampy cycles, pregnancies, childbirth(s) (from what I have heard) and then the final blow: menopause! Yay!

I , for one, am not there yet but some premenopausal symptoms are apparent. Alrhough some of these I feel I have had all my adult life. Hormones play a huge part in our female ways, that’s why men will truly never get matter how hard they try. We are wired completely different.

 I suffer from my European inherited Mary Poppins Syndrome: the need to take care of and cater to the people around me. Only on a personal level though, work life is different! I am not as nurturing as the generations before me, my mom for example, takes this MPS to a whole other level. The hysterical thing to me is that as we enter our menopausal phase, our bodies produce less estrogen, that feminine-fostering-pretty-loveling hormone and starts producing more of the male less-nurturing-whisker-growing-get-your-own-damn-coffee hormone: testosterone! Yay!

Estrogen is a sex hormone that keeps us feminine, in more ways than I knew. It is the reason why we have hips, we have more hair on our head than the rest of our body, we all know it keeps your love life afloat (more on that in a later blog!) and it produces that happy chemical in your brain.


This is also where the increased grumpiness comes from, because we just don’t care as much….I think life in general is the reason why we don’t care about what the world around us is thinking about you as we age. That may not necessarily be hormonal.

The whiskers? The first one will usually pop up in the middle of your chin around the age of 25ish…One day you will rub your chin and stop in your track to think WTH was that?!? You will start plucking the first two….maybe three….before you seem to have full blown whiskers. All thanks to the testosterone…


Sally Hansen and tweezers do the job, although I might check laser hair removal for this one. Upper lip

Besides all of this. I feel like I am getting better with age….yeah, yeah like fine wine. Internally I still feel like I am 28ish, externally 45ish. I have always danced like no one is watching, I will continue to care for my friends and family around me and I might just start a trend and grow a full beard. Just kidding!!!


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