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Summer is by far the scariest fashion season…part two…besides the asymmetrical shorts fashion faux-pas and the Chub Rub  there are a few other things I would like to share…..

The one clothing item that will take care of your in-between-the-cheek-sweat is the short romper. As a result of the high elastic waistband a wedgie is inevitable. They are also not the most flattering item for your buttocks due to the same reason; the high waist will elongate your butt. There are rompers with a lower waist line which will make your behind look so much better but will still ride….consider yourself warned!

I stayed away from shorts for a while. The veins in my legs and my ever wobbly thighs were the reason. My legs would not be shown until a tan would camouflage it a little. Somehow I had an epiphany; I stopped giving  a crap what others may say, which was probably nothing at all because neither of the above noted were worth mentioning. When I voiced my concern to someone I got the lovingly lie that even teenagers have blue veins. Out came the shorts…baggy at first. But on warm days when your thighs stick to seats or you have no choice but to sit on those chairs that will leave a beehive imprint on your thigh; I still prefer something longer!

Self tanners have been a life saver for me because I know how bad the sun can be for you and the days of endless baking are over. We used to bake in baby oil back in the eighties! I am afraid the damage has been done….But how safe are self-tanners? Self tanners contain a color additive with a very long name but the the acronym is DHA, This stuff reacts to dead skin cells to temporarily darken the skin and simulate a tan. Sounds scary right? But they are FDA approved. as long as you keep them away from mucus membrane…? Oh your eyes, nose, lips…got it!

These are my faves:

James Read is expensive but ah-mazing! The others are close runner ups: cheaper and effective!

Funny thing is that I have always worn two piece bathing suits. On the beach I have no shame in my game, and neither seem a lot of other people!

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