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Skin so soft…

People compliment me on my dimples all the time which makes sense because they are like craters. The runner up in compliments extended to me is that my skin is so soft, as weird as that may sound, from both men and women in a non-creepy way.

Besides the fact that I feel like I have 10 different lotions for 10 different body parts my true secret is peach fuzz! Also known as Vellus hair, totally different to the hair on your head, under arms etc. therefore it is just best to let it be.


All peach fuzz aside. To maintain my softness is almost a full-time job. Although the main goal is simple: just  moisturize your skin. Best time to do it; right after you take a shower. Preferably when your skin is still slightly wet, you can seal in the moisture that way. I also love putting baby oil or Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil on right before I get out of the shower. Just make sure you have two towels on hand or remember which side you used on your bod so you can use the other side to dry your hair. Unless your hair needs some baby oil too….

When it comes to moisturizing your face, it can actually make your skin lazy if you over do it. WTH?!? Yes…your skin can come dependent on the moisture. To simplify this; ignore the aforementioned slapping on the St.Ives Renewal Cream: use it in moderation instead! Wrinkle 101

Another common mistake is that you may think a thicker cream is better but that is not always the case when it comes to your face. With other body parts like your hands and feet, I love thick gooey stuff. You may apply this before bedtime too and let this work it’s magic overnight. You don’t necessarily have to lotion your whole bod pre-bedtime unless you are a night time “shower-taker”. Your face does like moisture pre-bedtime. Make sure you clean your mug thoroughly first! Me, being lazy, love the facial wipes, even though they are not always the most thorough method of getting all your make-up off.


So this morning I was paying attention to what I was doing (yes this is why we are in the bathroom fore-evah!) and this changes per day too. In the shower I lathered with Olay Total Effects Anti Aging shower lotion. I also love Avon Moisture Therapy body wash because it is scent free so it won’t clash with your pretty body lotions. I just found out it also comes in a in-the-shower-body-lotion which I am always a big fan of..Plus I am quite partial to my Avon lady. Her smiling face in the corner of the Avon site just makes me want to buy stuff!

I also just treated myself to some Inis…cause it smells pretty…nothing else…
Speaking of smelling pretty: Island White Sand by Bath and Bodyworks smells beachy all-day-long. I was never a fan of the smell of coconut but this is a whole other level. It also contains aloe: win-win….I have an array of body lotions. The smell seems to last longer on me than perfumes. I think…or maybe it’s because I love sniffing my arm at work…


Feet and hands are a whole different story but I’ll give you a few ideas now. I am bad with hand lotions because I always get it all over my sleeves and in my bangles (boo-hoo right?) and my desk will look greasy…therefore I try to think of putting it on pre-bedtime…read: hand lotions are a waste of money for me…Avon Moisture Therapy is very thick and gooey, Bath and Bodyworks hand lotion contains glycerin; good for hands and nails. Coconut oil softens the cuticles and will work on your feet as well. The feet also sometimes get some night time attention although I know they need a little more loving than that…


To be continued….


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