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Wrinkle 101

It’s actually all bad news, but I can try to make it sound good. Apparently your skin loses elastin as we age, that’s the stuff that makes your skin snap back when you touch it. We stop making this stuff when we hit puberty! The other protein that gets beat up as we age is collagen. Collagen provides firmness. The good news is that fat will give you that too! As we age we need a little plumpness.

The dermatologists agree that retinoids will help restore the collagen in your skin as does dill seed extract….mmmm….I have not tried that yet. But I will! And once again everyone yells: stay out of the sun!! Yeah, yeah I will lather myself in sun block when I go out in the sun, I promise. Soleil No one wants that leathery look.

As mentioned before: I am honestly the worst person to test products. For two reasons; the first is that I have no patience to wait for results, the second is that I am lousy with maintaining a routine. But for the sake of this blog I will have to adjust my ways, therefore I patiently tried this peel for 4 weeks, almost regularly, twice a week. Advanced Renewal Glycolic Peel kit by No7.


To my pleasant surprise I saw results after the third try, for that reason I was able to complete the four weeks of suggested use of this product. The instructions can be a bit intimidating, you can not use this peel in the midst of summer because you will have to stay away from any rays during this treatment. I was afraid I would wake up looking like I had severe sunburn on my face, and even though it was a little reddish, it did look firmer and more radiant. I am not sure how long you have to wait in between treatments since the results are temporary. But possibly during the getting-to-know-you phase of dating or prepping for a big event; it could be a quick fix.

There’s one product I have been diligent about because it’s cheap and it comes in a tub! So I can just slap it on guilt free. It’s St. Ives Renewing Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer. Supposably it “protects” collagen and elastin proteins, this thanks to safflower seed oil and glycerin. It is awesome for moisturizing and thus far my cheeks are not sagging. The latter is a sure tell sign I need to switch back to No.7 for a few weeks. I still use No.7 at night but this St.Ives stuff is definitely doing the trick during the day. For Ms. Cheapskate over here; the price is the best part: 10 ounces of goodness for less than 6 bucks! You just never know; I asked one of my clients who is well in her 80’s if she had work done on her face. Hey it’s all in the delivery! She proclaimed she’s been using the same $8 Nivea cream for 40 something years. I still want to be like her when I grow up; Celine sunglasses, glitter purse and all…..


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