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Someone told me once that I was “glowing”, I had to burst his bubble and admit my radiance was the result of some good old sweat. I have been a natural “illuminator” all my life, therefore I am very thankful glowing and illuminating is actually trendy right now. I am dreading the day everything goes back to matte…because there is not enough powder in the world to control this shine..

MAC Strobe claims to have you glow like a super hero! I look like this after 5 minutes near any heat source, see pic on the left; all natural glow. But they are taking the glow back to the disco era. My favorite illuminator came from my darn sample box again, consequently; it ain’t cheap! CLE Essence Moonlighter will turn you into an instant glow worm! I also love: L’oreal Lumi for a more subtle glow and highlighter plus it’s a lot cheaper!

The places to highlight are as follows; start out with your cheekbones…highlight right above the invisible line from your ear toward your mouth. To look all bright eyed and awake highlight the inner corner of your eye plus right on the middle eyelid. The latter obviously with a light, sparkly eyeshadow. Why didn’t I know about this last week…while on vacay where sleep seemed overrated….I did know to highlight underneath my eye that worked a little. Ooh and the eyebrow bone! There is so much to think about! Lastly you may highlight the bridge of your nose and your Cupid’s bow. Sounds more freaky than it is but that is the little dip above your lip…where sweat gathers anyway…just saying…I am not too familiar with contouring but if I would to use the darker stuff on all the places where I don’t highlight; would that do the trick?

OR just grab an allover “glow enhancer”. My favorite is Perricone’s tinted moisturizer and L’oreal Lumi Glotion. Really? Glotion….that’s genius!

My pits are not as bad for some reason, I just stick to good old Lady stick..or whatever is on sale. I recently purchased the one that claims to not get white marks on your black clothes…they may have to go back to the drawing board. A simple logic guy asked me once why we just don’t simply put on our deodorant after we put our black top on….because somehow we will still get it on our shirt! It is inevitable!

Another plus side to this is that during the summer I will always look “moisturized” with my natural “glow”. Down side; I will look like I just jumped into a pool while everyone else looks dry as a desert when I go out dancing. Hair up helps but I like dancing with my hair down for some reason…I saw a commercial this morning for medication for excessive sweating or Hypohydrosis, but after reading those symptoms I realized I am not there yet! Til then I just keep on shining… a super hero.


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