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Mom please don’t read this blog…..and ladies under 45; stop right here because I don’t want to scare you off…

This will not be a show and tell session. Just cut and dry (no pun intended) facts.

Another place we have to go! Down under…… I am not writing this blog due to my own experiences but because I have been asked about this topic….so I did some research! Hormonal changes caused by (pre)menopause affects moisture levels in our body all the way down to our privates. The good news is that the best remedy is just to remain as sexually active as possible. Although I have read that losing your sex drive during menopause is common too, therefore you may need some help!


I’ll start with your diet. Pop vitamin E and drink lots of water, take it easy on caffeine and alcohol. Obviously fishy fats are good, so many bad jokes I can think of, Omega-3 fatty acid, flaxseeds and nuts, soy and ginseng. I have also read that black cohosh and dong quay herbal tea help alleviate a lot of menopausal discomforts including a dry VJJ. Lastly, I always thought that yogurt was beneficial but I have found out that cutting out yogurt makes a huge difference.

Phytoestrogen supplements are questionable. They get good and bad reviews. Phytoestrogens literally means plant based estrogen. It is found in soy and flaxseeds…and yes…beer. Another benefit besides the menopausal benefits that I can increase your libido….and his as well…when used in moderation…

Probiotics specifically designed for women promote colon as well as vaginal health. Something with cranberry extract stuff…it keeps your urinary and vaginal tract clean and free of yeast which can possible cause UTI’s and other funky infections.

Make sure you pop these specific probiotics when you try the lubes below, they are known for triggering UTI’s apparently….

The key is to find something that is A. not too messy and B. does not cause friction after a while. (I warned you; it may get a bit graphic). Replens supposedly gets messy since it is glycerin based. Water based seems to be the way to go, although some swear by silicone. Astroglide came out as a winner on Amazon. Penchant Premium is water-based, but it will need re-application because eventually it will almost feel rubbery.  Almost Naked is on the bottom of the list. I will spare you the details. There are a ton of different options and reviews out there about this stuff so I guess you’ll just have to experiment and see what works for you. Have fun with it!


As for almost every thing else; stress and anxiety can be a factor, it’s always easier said then done to avoid these…Yoga and meditation can help. Barre exercises also seem to have some effect for the moisture down below…plus it will help your flexibility…win-win.

I am very open about this stuff but I believe that is cultural. I hope you stopped reading once this didn’t apply to you but I do have to live up to my blog name and answer my readers questions….as messy as it may get! But I hope this was of help to some of you!

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