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Enclothed Cognition

Do you ever have one of those days were you feel like a super-model? I will strut around like one until a mirror gives me a reality check, but on some days even then I keep walking my own imaginary cat-walk. I, like most women, don’t feel like this on a daily basis. There are different reasons why I have those days; sometimes it’s my own brain reminding me that I am pretty f-ng amazing, some days it is because someone made me feel that way. Male or female, by action or remarks….either way I know ideally that is not supposed to be that way….I myself should be enough. Right?

I read somewhere that you can improve your self image by copying someone else’s style. Kinda like the single-white-female-effect? “Research shows that when we emulate someone’s style who we admire we feel infused with this qualities ourselves”….Not buying that! I can imagine thinking “if those jeans make her butt look like that I wonder if it will have the same effect on mine” …then yes, that would make sense.

I have always had my own style, I don’t always go with the flow. Style is not only the way we dress, it is in the way we act, the way we speak…just overall; how you carry yourself. It is part of your individuality. I am flattered when someone copies my style, or attempts to, but funny enough it also slightly annoys me because then I have to think of something else!


We’re back to the Enclothed Cognition Enclothed wha?! While researching this I stumbled upon the funniest “facts”:

  • Women dress more provocatively when they are ovulating. (If I knew when that was I could tell you if this is true)
  • Women are twice as likely to wear jeans when depressed than happy (This would clarify why jeans have never been my favorite!)
  • People think they are physically stronger wearing a Superman shirt?!? (I wonder if my Powder Puff Girl shirt counts?)
  • Seriously read this somewhere (!)….women perform worse on math tests if wearing a swim suit than a sweater…That falls straight in to my category of things-that-make-me-go-mmmmm…, I wonder, did someone come to that realization….

I can’t even figure that one out sitting here in  my business suit….

It all boils down to that clothes do bring out the best in us. This could be shorts and a tee one day, a pretty dress the next. Any thing that will bring out your internal super model!


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