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Won’t run unless chased

Walking is totally underestimated. It absolutely does contribute to weight loss and losing belly fat. Plus it lowers your blood pressure….especially after an “angry” walk! It only works with high-intensity walks though, strolls may relax you but won’t get rid of your stomach or tone. Some experts recommend intervals in your walking speeds but keeping time on my intervals only disrupts my flow. I sneak in a short jog here and there as an interval but I found out that it doesn’t increase my overall walking time per distance at all so why bother my knees like that. As silly as it may look but swinging your arms will increase the amount of calories burnt. Bend them at a ninety degree angle and start power walking! I feel less nutty with weights in my hands when I do it. They have perfect one pound walking weights at Five Below.

On hot days I like to walk in the morning which is supposed to be the best time to work out by some experts opinions. It should keep us more active during the day. It is also supposed to be a mind-uhm-“trick” that you will won’t be as likely to eat junk after a morning work-out….Logically it will wake up your metabolism and get your body primed for burning calories. Fact; if you exercise before breakfast, your body will tap into fat stores over carbs for energy. As hard as it may be to get your behind out of bed to do any kind of exercise it adds to my sense of accomplishment afterwards!

On the flip side; feed me junk during the day and I will exercise at night….it’s all between the ears as we Dutchies like to say. Some people may argue that exercising at night may get your adrenaline pumping which may make it harder to fall asleep. Others sleep comfortably through the night after an evening work out. I prefer to walk at night; it clears my head and makes me sleep better. It all just boils down to when you have time; try to get your walk or gym on..


As you know by now; I am not a big fan of exercising but I know at my age it is a necessity. I have never set foot in an actual gym unless it’s one in a hotel or apartment complex. Nothing too crazy! I walk more for my sanity than burning calories. It is my alone time to listen to music and let my crazy over-active brain do it’s thing. I walk like a lunatic; I try to do 3.5 miles in 45 minutes…when I am mad I can do it…otherwise not so much!

My motto is “won’t run unless I am chased”. This is cause I suck at running, I think because I am “heavy footed” and I have no stamina! Fun fact: this being my second language; I used to mix up the words stamina and libido. Made for very interesting conversations!!





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