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Men’s vs. Women’s wardrobe

I do feel for you guys when it comes to wearing a suit and tie. It looks restrictive and very warm on hot days. I don’t feel for you guys when it comes to deciding what you are going to wear for let’s say…a night out….mmmm….pants and a shirt (for most men!). The only thing you may have to be concerned with is a possible imposed dress code by the establishment you chose to visit. Most women, on the other hand, start mentally plotting days in advance (not me by the way, I have a plan A and plan B about 10 minutes before I walk out the door). But we do have a lot more to think about than the average male.


Close to 70 % of men take 5 minutes or less selecting an outfit, for women this percentage lies around 45%. From the charts it seems as if most women need around 10 to 20 minutes to “select”. Funny thing is that the percentage for needing more than 30 minutes, show the same numbers for both men and women…5 % of mankind. Even more peculiar is that this varies per region according to this “study”…people in the West are the speediest at picking out outfits. Mannnn the thought that there are people out there who spent more than 5 minutes to study this…..

Some fun facts about men vs. women when it comes to our closets:

  • Women are twice as likely as men to own more than ten pairs of shoes….mmmm I must be hanging out with a different crowd…most men I know own well over ten pairs of shoes. While men supposedly own fewer pairs of shoes, they are willing to spend more money on a single pair. Quality over quantity for men. Women are more about quantity….I believe we just have more variety; boots, heels, flats, sneaks, open-toed, ankle-boots, open-toed ankle boots….article-2386673-09507AD6000005DC-274_634x326
  • Most women wear less than half of the clothes they own, this is true for only one in five men….that statement may be more plausible than the first…
  • Love this one: men check themselves in a mirror or reflection twice as often as women….Yasss I love a male’s confidence.
  • 90% of women have at least one item of unworn clothing in their closet with a tag still on it. This only true for 30% of men.
  • The male side of the closet is smaller because the majority of the time the men’s side is more efficiently organized…once again because you have less variety no short skirts, long skirts, short dresses, long dresses 🙂 Capture2

There is one statement on this list that I call sheer BS on:

  • Dress sense is what men notice first in a woman (before body and face)…….no comment….Women notice face, smile amd eyes first in a man….regardless if he is wearing an Hawaii print shirt and black socks in his sandals!?! I’m sorry I stand corrected; that would probably be the most fun person to hang out with!

My motto is “style is more fun than fashion”. Everyone owns their own style whether they are aware of this or not…male or female…


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