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Cheap tricks

Due to my current sample addiction I will admit I am more likely to splurge on something I loooove. Mentally I have to compensate this with cheap stuff that will definitely due the trick as well.

Highlighters are a hot commodity right now but J.Lo has been on this band wagon for decades. Years ago she mentioned that she uses Vaseline as a highlighter. In the world of “illuminating” products, Vaseline is an effective cheap substitute. Dab a little on your cheekbones and you will shine just the same. Just beware when you have your hair down…cause it will get stuck to your face…I have the same issue with lip-gloss…but that’s a whole other issue. Vaseline can also be used to tame your eyebrows need be….

I have found an array of eyeliners in my Allure beauty box from Kat von D to Eyeko, but the winner for me comes from my local supermarket by Wet n Wild. It is easy to apply (although I may be a bit partial since I prefer the brushes over the pens) It lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. This Wet and Wild eyeliner ranges around $3.00.

This one may sound kinda loopy but that’s why I am pleasantly disturbed. Remember I mentioned St.Ives Renewing Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer in Wrinkle 101 ? I started applying that stuff on my chest or décolleté, I should say. But since I have a tub full of it I started applying it on my armpits…because lets be honest; they don’t look any prettier with age either. That stuff actually works. Logically so because it does contain elastin and collagen. Duh! I just found out that St.Ives has a body lotion with these ingredients as well. You know I  am going to try it, although I am not sure if it will be as potent as the facial cream. Maybe I should just use the tub all over….mmmm…..

A not so secret cheap trick comes from the same company in the form of an Apricot Facial Scrub. You would think I own stock in St.Ives right? This product has been blasted all over the internet because Gigi uses it….big deal….but I will try it either way, just to make sure…

img_9415Another cheap go-to for me is baby oil. In the winter I get lazy and cold when I get out of the shower. The last thing I want to do is stand there naked any longer than I need to in order to apply lotion to my body. Solution: lather yourself in baby oil right before you are about to get out of the shower…yes you may leave the water running, the oil won’t rinse off any way. You may use a wash cloth too sometimes that is even more effective. But you know me by now; it’s all about the shortcuts. Make sure you use a separate towel to dry your hair off with unless you want the baby oil on your hair too.

I know I am surpassing my usual amount of words in a blog but I have a lot to say about cheap stuff. Believe it or not but what has helped me save in this department is by ordering beauty products on-line. Whenever I walk into a CVS or Walgreens I am bound to walk out with more than I bargained for…don’t even think about Target!!! When ordering on-line, make a list of things you are running out of, check the deals (BOGO’s are the best) and the on-line coupons. At Walgreens you can rake up points towards your next purchase…it works for me…although others may find the ease compelling to buy more. That would make sense too. Everything in moderation!


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