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Spring Prep

I know I may be a bit too enthusiastic since it is only March and snow storms are luring….but day light savings is right around the corner! And a girl can dream right?!

I have blogged about my spring prep list before but I will hereby refresh your memory. You are welcome…

Besides the obvious Mani’s and Pedi’s (which I promise to be better about!) there is also the issue of that first day exposing my pale legs to the public. Cue: James Read Tan Coconut Melting Tanning Balm for Face and Body. This stuff is perfect for a natural looking tan. You will have instant results. I would not apply this as generous to your face though because after I tried that I looked like I just came back from a weekend in Palm Beach. I would recommend the James Read Tan Sleep Mask for your face, this seems to be a little more subtle….

Self tanning is not dangerous. Self tanners contain a harmless, colorless sugar called dihydroxyacetone that interacts with amino acids in dead skin cells on the surface to create a temporary tan. Doesn’t sound scary at all right?! Self tanners are harmful if you substitute them for your sun screen, you will still need that!

Another annual spring prep for me is replacing my white tees and tank tops. Since I wear my tanks all year around they are definitely not crispy white anymore. I stock up at Forever 41 where my favorite tanks start at $1.90…say wha?! I love tidy whitey t-shirts from the Gap also. Replace your crispy white blouse also while your at it…we all need one of them in our closet as well.

$1.90 Forever 21 tank

Since we will baring our arms I will start my daily exercises tomorrow. A friend is holding me accountable….I used to stick to Tracy Campoli’s 10 minute Bat Wing video but have since resorted to more “vigorous” work outs (read: the ones that last 30 minutes) I have tried everything from T-25 to Barre Boot Camp for upper arms but nothing gives me more definition in my arms than Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. There are 15 DVD’s to this series, I have never made it past CD 6. I honestly keep doing 1 through 4 and I like the results. It gives me that dimple on the top of my shoulders…what more does a girl need!?

Last but not least; shave yo legs! I know we have been spot shaving them during the winter. I will admit; I have shaved to ensure I wouldn’t have fuzzy patches pop up in my distressed jeans. I just stick to basic razors when it comes to my legs but I may start to live dangerously and get them waxed. But remember “cheap and lazy” all this maintenance is starting to sound like a lot of work!

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