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Oscars Red Carpet 2019

Thought I’d weigh in on the Red Carpet hype. I did not watch any of the Fashion Police shows yet nor have a read any articles on best and worst dressed. These are just some of my observations from last night….

I am partial to Regina King’s outfit because I love her as a person, as an actress which I believe made her whole look even more enticing. But she is sharing this spot with Gemma Chan with her hot pink Valentino Haute Couture gown. Absolutely stunning! Helen Mirren can’t go wrong in my book, but she too nailed it last night. Serena Williams was another one of my favorites because this dress was so perfect for her and styled so well.

That is one thing that was so prominent on last night’s red carpet; so many women and girls looked underfed. No wonder women are constantly beating themselves up if this seems to be the world’s perception of beauty. Ladies please eat and be healthy!

I don’t have a “worst-dressed” list but more a “please-reconsider-next-time” list. I LOVE my girl Maya…but phew….I think it is almost her trade mark though. It wasn’t as much the dress for me that made me go mmmm…but more the styling…the earrings! No bueno! Another gorgeous female: Charlize Theron. Loved her new do, loved the baby blue….but a different bra would have made this look so much better. I think Ms. Awkwafina might end up on a few list today unfortunately. I wasn’t all bad but maybe if the pants were a shorter cigarette pant it would have worked better in my book.

Honorable mention; Lisa Bonet and her giant man, Jason Momoa. I am just a sucker for both of them I guess. They killed it!

There were so many other dresses and looks but I think some of the aforementioned will go down in the history books. Like my favorite J Lo red carpet look. She can do no wrong in my book. She can bare it all or be completely covered in disco ball…she always rocks it. One of my fave J.Lo’s goes back to the Oscars of 2015 in her Ellie Saab gown. And who can forget her iconic Versace silk chiffon dress she wore to the Grammy’s in 2000 (!).

Angelina Jolie is also on my “eat-some-cookies-please” list but her black velvet leggy number by Atelier Versace is on my memorable red carpet look list as well. Double standard much? Same sentiment for Gwyneth; we will always remember your Tom Ford white cape dress you wore to the 2012 Oscars. I should have mentioned Halle Berry up there with Jen because she always slays on the red carpet too just with a little bit more “tude” than Jennifer Lopez. Halle’s iconic dress dates back to the 2002 Oscars but she has wore some bangers to the NAACP shows too. Freaking amazing at 52!

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