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Time stopping tricks

We know there is no such thing as “stopping time” but there are some ways to “slow it down” or by keeping up appearances. The products out there “Age Anew”, “Age Rewind”, “Youth Capture” or my favorite “Hope in a jar” should all get sued for false advertising because let’s face it; there is truly no such thing.


Strength training is important with age. Not only for your bones but also your skin. Exercising with weights keep your skin firm. Muscle mass increases with age but strength training can reverse this process. When it comes to your bones, it can actually reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Enough reason to pick up those dumb bells right? Even if it’s just to not have flabby knees.

As for keeping up appearances; lighter hair colors or high lights will give you a more youthful appearance. I am not practicing what I preach, but I do know that this is a fact. That is also the reason why I stick to dark brown instead of black hair dye. The latter is too dark and washes me out. I have read somewhere that you should go back to the hair color you had when you were a kid. I may have to go a shade lighter for that one…Is mousy brown available somewhere?

I do agree with the experts that over styled hair can make you look older. Just keep it simple…hey, I am an expert at that! I also agree with the fact that adding a few inches to your hair will give you a youthful appearance….although some women can rock that pixie until they are 90! In my opinion, I do think the length of your hair should not be past your shoulder blades when you’re in your sixties. Like I said…just my opinion, in general. Unless your Christie Brinkley, I guess. Maybe I should take that statement back. Oh no she’s only 59!

“Time stopper”; scrubbing your skin 3 times a week. This used to scare me a little but it claims to remove dead cells, revealing smooth more youthful skin. Try Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub for a mere $7.00.

Another appearance time stopper is to color your eyebrows. Yes they get thinner with age as well. Just keep thinking; all this beats the alternative. Don’t over do this either! I have been experimenting with my eyebrows and it does make an impact on your overall look. But it can also go so wrong if you go about this the wrong way. You can almost not go wrong (unless you are me!) with Maybelline Tattoo Studio Brow. Just don’t experiment with it before a big night out…jusss saying!

While your at it; dap some lighter concealer in the inner corner of your eye. Always does the trick!

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