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Style vs. Fashion

Style is more interesting than fashion. Your style is personal and unique. Fashion is fun and inspirational. I love the style of the pic below and would definitely put this on my own “mood board”. The wearability of it would probably keep me from buying this but if I can find a reason to…..those who know me know I will find a reason….

My style depends on my mood. I have a little tom-boy in me which I manage to carry over in my business and me-time look. I am definitely a no frill type of girl! I was explaining to someone recently that I worry less about how I look now that I am single to which he answered “but you are always so fashionable”. Fashion or style are part of my identity that is something that will never fade away. What I meant to say was that I wear what I want when I want. But you will never catch this European chick out in plaid PJ pants….I just!

I have had this blog in my drafts for a while but today I was reminded of the your style vs. your age factor. It came from my inspirational muse Lyn Slater (yes, the accidental icon!) her quote “Fashion and my style help me struggle against the invisibility that comes with age”…Mic drop! I could not have said it better myself!

Please maintain your individual style as you mature. Please make sure your style matures with you though! There is no need to resort to khaki’s and white trainers once you hit 70. And pretty please; don’t try to blend in with the crowd! I met a woman named Maryanne the other day, she just celebrated her 93rd birthday. She had several different colors in her hair, sporting a short dress adorned with chunky jewelry. Just enjoying life and dancing! I told her I want to be like her when I grow up.

You do agree that we get more care-free and verbal with age right? Then why tone our style down because we are getting older…simple as that! I will admit that currently I am happy that you can make a fashion statement with sneakers…my knees are grateful for that!

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