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Styling pet peeves

At the risk of coming across knit-picky, but please keep in mind that these are personal “issues”. Some of these “peeves” I myself am guilty of at times..

I have walked behind a few people wishing I had a pair of scissors in my pocket. Nothing crazy but just to cut the thread that secures the split of their coat or jacket during it’s store life. These X-stitches are called tailor tacks; large loose stitches. And yes, you may remove these before the first time the item goes out in public. Some pockets may also be tacked close with a cross stitch, these may be removed as well. All these stitches are designed to keep your garment in shape before you purchase it. The great thing about this is that this means that your purchase has been created with some tender loving care. If a stitch is not easy to remove than it’s probably not a tailor tack…just a helpful hint…

I have been guilty of the following; off color hair bands…or worse; scrunchies. There is nothing worse than a woman, me for instance, who is dressed to the nine, hair pulled straight back in a power pony tail…..with an old fringed orangy hair band. Why I even own anything other than brown or black is a mystery to me. Not to mention that the old ones are usually the most comfortable….I will add this to my spring cleaning list; get rid of my crazy colored elastic bands. The one on the top left is my fave; it’s frayed and an unsightly “beigey” color. An easy fix is just to wrap some hair around it, add a hair clip…orrrr just use a hair band that semi matches your hair color.

There is a difference of opinion in my following style faux-pas. I don’t think black dress boots are meant to be worn with bare legs. Men seem to disagree. Let me specify; black dress boots that don’t cover your knee. As shown above. Anything that covers the knee looks cool with a bare leg, maybe cause knees are just not fun to look at? Or a less dressy black boot as shown below, I am all for that! When there is a little more space around the boot and the leg it creates less emphasis on the knee. It’s all about the optical illusion…UGG boots, cowboy boots or any natural color boot can look cool as you-know-what with a bare leg. These don’t visually chop your leg in half.

Believe it or not but the other day I saw someone wearing socks with an open toed boot…I shouldn’t even have to mention that one right? Girl Puh-lease! You never know though; it may be a new thing…

As always; I am by no means judging! Whatever floats your boat..It’s just that everything ain’t for everybody!

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