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Spring Trends

Fashion is defined as a “popular” trend in the dictionary. When you are over a certain age it should change to a “popular re-occurring” trend. Because mmmannnn we have seen it all before. Besides the obvious Spring faves such as pastels, florals and stripes there are a few other comebacks..

The one that seems to make a come back every 3 years…or just NEVER fades away is camouflage. I own two items with this print; a pair of pants and a night shirt. I will pair my pants with a white tank and a denim shirt or jacket. I copied this from my sis. I also do this to tone the print down. I don’t have the face to wear camo with black or red. I don’t know how to explain it but it’s too harsh for me. This season it is popping up everywhere again and I don’t think there is an age limit to this. Therefore adding a little camouflage might make your wardrobe a little more “current”. Just keep in mind to not over do it…

I have fond memories of the neon trend! One of my friends in I believe 4th grade had this amazing fluorescent yellow knitted sweater. I will say she wore the crap out of it but if I was allowed to own one I would have done the same thing! My sister and I ended up getting a clothing allowance, with that I was able to do my own thing. My mom later on confessed she would walk behind me hoping people wouldn’t think I was with her. As mentioned before I have never been one for conformity.

Back to neon! I LOVE bright yellow. Yellow is a tough color for any one who has a fair skin tone. It will completely wash you out! I can get away with it around May when I start to get a little tan. Fluorescent hot pink looks good on every one. This instantly brightens any skin tone.

Another evolver is the Grunge trend. I didn’t take the grudge trend any further than a checkered shirt around the waist back in the nineties. My grunge style was way too refined, I never took it to the Doc level. The Doc Martens have been back around, and I still don’t own a pair…The funny thing is that the “new” grunge style is “cleaner” so that means that I was a head of the game back in the day! Either way; keep in mind: we have been here, done this. Tread lightly into these “new” spring trends.

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