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Crepey skin

My intentions were to review Crepe Erase. Since I am not at the blog status yet where Crepe Erase would send me some free samples to try, plus I am currently on a slight budget, I tried a few other options.

When looking up reviews for Crepe Erase I stumbled upon the comments of a dermatologist. His remarks seemed to make sense; your skin gets that lovely texture due to lack of hydration. We all know by now that your skin needs help with that as we age. Solution; break out the lotions. I tried the following….which total the same amount of the cost of one Crepe Erase but this will save me money going forward.

Good ole’ Vaseline came out with a lotion for aging skin, no fancy title. Just cold hard facts: Clinical Care Aging Skin Rescue Hand and Body Lotion. Barrier Repair Complex. Wow! All that for around 6 dollars at your local Drug Store. I love this stuff. It is easily absorbed by my skin. Plus the results are what they claim to be. I even see a difference in my saggy elbows. My knees will remain a lost cause. It also does not have an overwhelming scent which allows you to pair it with a nice smelling glitter lotion for example. Since most pretty scented lotions don’t have an anti-aging powers. Another bonus is that there is no need to reapply this Vaseline miracle potion, it will leave you smooth

Avon has a NakedProof line. With cool names like: Smooth Moves, End Of The Line and Affirm Yourself. The first will make you say Buh-Bye to cellulite. The second will “dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks”. The latter is the anti-saggy-skin one. Since my issues don’t necessarily lie with the first two, I tried the Affirm Yourself lotion, even on my knees. I like this stuff! My arms seemed to tighten up and I could see the difference in my belly too. Still a negative on the knees but I am afraid that will have to improve by exercising. The consistency is a little thicker and does have a fruity like smell. Lucky for me this scent does not clash with my fave Happy by Clinique perfume. This stuff is definitely worth a try! Not partial because I have the best Avon lady…pure facts.

To my great surprise Bath & Body Works jumped on the Hyaluronic Acid band wagon. I was just tagging along to this place, no intention of buying anything until I saw this new line. At least, it’s new to me. The line I read during my research to this humectant kept echoing in my head: “when you come across affordable products containing hyaluronic acid; grab them!” So I grabbed them all! Only cause they were having one of those buy a gazillion get a gazillion sales. There is a body scrub, a body lotion, a shower gel and a hand cream.

The young lady at B&B kindly advised me not to use the scrub after shaving. Apparently the scrub will sting then. I usually pre-shave scrub but I will make sure I won’t do it with this stuff just in case. The line consist of three different scents as well. One smells rosey, be my guest but I am not a Rose scent person for some reason. The other is cactus water, I bought the hand cream to test it. It smells fresh and clean, slightly masculine. The line I purchased is called Water, it smells “beachy”. B&B defines it as the smell of crystal, clear H2O. I was not aware there was a scent related to that but I literally will buy it….

Thus far I have only tried the hand cream. It is not greasy, that is always a plus for me in hand creams. I will have to get back to you about the results of this line overall, but the reviews are amazing. Let’s see if that feeling is mutual…..

Side note: when all else fails; lather yourself in castor or coconut oil at least once a month. It gets messy but it will be worth it!

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