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Yes we may use glitter at our age! I will be sparkling till the day I die. However, there is a time and place for glitter; in corporate America it is slightly frowned upon. One of my clients told me, he had never seen a banker with sparkles on her face…or his face…and this was merely my bronzer.

There is a huge difference between all the bronzers, highlighters and actual glitter. It is fun to apply some sparkle in small doses, since we are not 5 years old anymore. Plus for the appropriate occasions!

I use a dab of Avon Glimmershadow Liquid Eye Shadow in the center of my eye lid for some extra sparkle in my eye. Since it is liquid make sure you spread it evenly so it won’t get caught in your creases. I once got a piece of glitter stuck in my eye which can actually scratch your cornea, so please be careful. I looked like a had a massive eye infection for a few days and my explanation of “getting-glitter-in-my-eye” raised a few eyebrows. Therefore I now avoid eye shadow or eye liners with actual pieces of glitter in it.

Victoria Secrets has an amazing lotion with some extra sparkle. Pure Seduction Shimmer Lotion.  It comes in a lotion and a mist; the latter I haven’t tried. Added bonus; it smells amazeballs due to red plum and freesias! Who knew that red plums and grandma flowers could smell so good! Just let everyone around you know that they too will be covered in glitter on contact.

Funky Fingers by Five Below

Glitter nail polish is always acceptable too. Beware that these are very hard to remove. I have read somewhere that if you apply Elmer’s glue prior to the glitter nail polish (back to being a 5 year old!),you should be able to peel it off. I have yet to try this. Shopping tip: Five Below has some great glitter polishes. Once again I would prescribed caution; maybe limit it to a pinky and/or index finger for the hands. For the toes, I would say that all bets are off. Toes only come out when its time to have fun anyway…

Glitter tops and accessories may be the better way to go in some cases. Bedazzle in moderations though ladies and gentlemen! Less is still more. Limit yourself to a shiny clutch or a sequined top….never “and”…one piece will do the trick. Don’t get me wrong: I would rock some over-the-top glittery leggings around the holidays in a heart beat! Time and a place!

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