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Tarte Gifted Mascara Review

A vegan, lengthening mascara… I need to say more….yes because it is a blog, and that would kind of defeat the purpose. As you know I have been a fan of Tarte Mascaras, and damn-you Allure beauty box for getting me hooked on another over-my-budget-product. Maybelline was just fine before this introduction. But I will hereby justify this for you as well as myself…

I am referring to Tarte Gifted Mascara made with Amazonian Clay. Always makes me wonder who and how they came up with this product. But I like it! Amazonian clay apparently nourishes and replenishes the lashes. This without making your lashes all heavy and clumpy. It actually makes your lashes healthier and less brittle. The mascara is blended with other antioxidants and conditioners that attribute to this amazing blend as well.

It is actually a so-called “smart” mascara since the clay intuitively restores hydration in your lashes to prevent fall out. It almost cracked me up when I read somewhere that this mascara promotes lash health. But with all the crazy lash extensions out there this may be just what some of us need to repair your lashes. Lash extension is a whole other animal that I will get into on a later date but some of those lash extensions are a bit over the top, and are not promoting lash health.

Morale of this story, I would recommend Tarte Gifted Mascara. It separates and lengthens my lashes and the color is deep and rich. It doesn’t smudge during the day…I tend to wear my mascara all over my face by the end of the day. It is also pretty easy to remove even though this stuff is definitely a mascara for the long haul. It retails from $19.00 to $22.00 and is also available in water proof.

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