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Oscars Red Carpet 2020

Yaiks…I should’ve stuck with the Grammy’s….I know the Oscar’s are in a whole different world but *yawn* it lacked creativity and excitement. Some disappointed with their elegant yet very safe choices such as Charlize Theron. But there were a few who did wow!

Regina King never disappoints! This woman is incredible and has come a long way. She made it to my list last year too. This is Versace in a different light; elegant with just enough bling. Not to forget to mention that she inspired me to pick up those weights again to get my arms ready for spring. Girrrlllll still slaying it at 49.

This one I may be a bit partial to since she happens to be from my home country. She had more of a supporting red carpet role on the arm of Antonio Banderas. Nicole Kimpel in an elegant long sleeve Pronovias gown, showing a lot of cleavage and leg. Which I would too if I was shaped like her. I honestly was surprised by her age, she honestly appears older in the styling of this dress than she actually is. At her age of 38, she qualifies as a young-un but I wanted to give her some props any way…

Laura Dern, 53, simple elegance, in her Armani Prive dress. Or maybe I shouldn’t say its “hers” because that baby was probably bagged up and shipped back to the couture house today. But nevertheless, a beautiful gown.

Kristin Wiig was on all the worst dress lists this morning. So maybe it is not the most flattering contraption in the world and slightly over the top. Some referenced lasagna, it somehow reminded me of an exotic fish. But she looked amazing! 46 in this over the top Valentino dress not giving a flying *fish*. In all honesty; from the waist up, this is the best I have ever seen her look. Her girl Maya Rudolph always ends up in my “girl-needs-help” list but I love her, therefore I will chalk it up as personality.

Last but certainly not least a shout out to a male fashion icon: Spike Lee. A perfect tribute to an amazing human being. Tastefully done by Gucci. Can you believe this man is 62? I loved his signifigant other’s, To ya Lewis, tasteful off white gown as well. Ensuring her man would shine but still stealing enough thunder.

Honorable mentions to my girl Rita Wilson in a head to toe fringe number. Stunning at the age of 63. Since I am a sucker for a good ball gown I would also like to give Kelly Ripa some props. Designed by one of the greatest designer to ever emerge from Project Runway: Christian Siriano. Kelly is also pleasantly pushing 50 and finally showing some signs. Which I believe only makes her more beautiful.

Now can someone please wow some more next year!? Thank you!

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