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Spring Trends II

Spotted in the city: massive sleeves and tiny purses. I have always been a sucker for a statement sleeve and the convenience of a tiny purse is growing on me. Maybe that’s an age thing too; functionality over fashion statement.

We all have a love-hate relationship with our big bags. The ability to bring all of your crap versus the inability of relocating it. How many times have you had your bag on the hood of your cars, shoveling through it to find your keys? Bag, pocket book, purse, suit case…whatever term you may use…we have all been there. These new little purses are perfect to hold the essentials on a non work day. Phone, keys, wallet, chap stick. I did have to switch to a smaller wallet to accommodate the tiny purse trend.

On the other hand, your sleeves may remain bigger and better. Please note that a bigger shoulder will give the optical illusion of a smaller waist line, only if the body is fitted. An overall balloon look is comfy but obviously will be less flattering.

You may also go big on the bottom again. Paper bag waist pants. It took me sec but just like high waist flares, they have grown on me. A nice fitting high waist pant can be very flattering. I spotted Levi’s in Urban Outfitters re-branding their high waist line of jeans by calling it “the Wedgie”. Would not necessarily convince me to buy it since no female part needs to be suffocated in a denim wedgie all day…..but that is a whole other blog! For now enjoy the early signs of spring and treat yourself to a mini purse!

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