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Healing power of Fennel

The healing power of fennel! I know that every magazine or site will give you tons of herbs, berries, seeds etc. that are miracle workers in all different kinds of ways. There is only one that will keep blowing me away every single time. Not only in it’s effectiveness but also the swiftness of the effect.

Everything that has to do with your digestive system. From heart burn to G.I. issues and even menstrual cramps…almost instant relief from a cup of fennel tea. I have no idea how, since research on fennel does not lead me to any of the above mentioned. Back home fennel has always been known for stomach issues. It does reduce inflammation and has anti-bacterial properties, maybe that’s why?

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Another claim is that a cup of fennel tea allegedly can also curb your appetite. This is something I found on-line but I can’t back this up like the facts mentioned above. I drink fennel tea and still eat the same way. Read: a lot!

One thing I will add and this is a fact. Fennel “has estrogenic properties” meaning that it acts like estrogen. Therefore men tend to stay away from it. For women this maybe beneficial to relief menopausal symptoms. Fennel may improve sexual function and satisfaction as well as relieve hot flashes, vaginal dryness and sleep disturbances. See, a little fennel goes a long way! Since I still cramp up monthly I will continue to have ample supplies of fennel tea stocked up for that purpose. Seems like I will need it for a while for different reasons!

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