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DIY Root Rescue

The running joke is that we will all know each other’s natural hair color by the end of this lock-down. Or will we…..

I will admit, I have let it go to see how gray I am actually getting. The results are not bad. As pictured above: aside from my gray roots, my natural brownish hair color is just making a re-appearance as my dyed dark brown strands are growing out. Developing into a natural of hombre from gray to brown to black.

If you are not comfortable with this, there are a few easy at-home fixes. For the laziest at heart there are these mascara type wands, sticks or sprays. These will only work when you have your hair pulled back on that day. They will actually help giving you the perfect slick back but all of the above mentioned are tricky to use. They will make your hair sticky and it’s almost impossible not to get it on your scalp.

I have two favorite go to’s. The first is a little harder to find for some reason. Probably because there’s enough in here for three uses. Honestly all the so called root-rescue kits are most likely a rip off since its most likely the same stuff as the ones for all over coloring but way less of it. But we’re paying for packaging and fancy root applicators.

I am talking about Revlon Root Erase Haircolor. Sold for around 10 bucks at Target and Walgreens. It comes in a ready to use can that dispenses both creams at once. It comes with an applicator brush. With this you can blend the two and then easily apply to your roots. One can is enough for at least two applications.

Another fave of mine which is easier to find is L’Oreal Root rescue. You blend both crèmes in one container that comes with this nifty brush application twist on top. You just squeeze and go! Will either one of these eliminate a professional coloring? Nah! You still need someone to make sure every strand gets covered. Plus it feels and looks so much better when someone else does it! Sans hombre unless this is intentional!

Be safe. Stay healthy.

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