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Dashing Diva Nails

I did not just make that up. It is an actual brand! Since we are all dashing diva’s I had to try these out. I am always in favor of an actual manicure. During this pandemic, I have tried to have at-home spa days but the results were a far cry from my favorite manicurist’s. How someone can perfect their right hand when they are not ambidextrous will remain a mystery to me.

I was experimenting with nail stickers during the salon lock down, the cheap ones from the dollar store or by Sally Hansen. I will admit that I never spent actual time getting them on right. I even managed to try to file them down as I was driving to my own birthday party. Needless to say, that was a failed mission, they did not make it through the night.

But once again…the Allure Beauty Box! I wasn’t too excited to find nail stickers there since my faith in them had been diminished. But (!) desperate times, call for desperate measures. Girls weekend, favorite manicurist not available, what’s a girl to do? Side note: I realize these are not real life critical issues. I know life in general is amazing when this is my only concern of the day!

This time I had a few hours to spare, thanks to a thunderstorm that kept me home bound. I actually made sure my nails were clean of oil and residue. Put on my readers and went to work. Mind you that this normally would not be a color I would have picked but the light grey with gold is fire! These are so easy to use; you just stick them on your nail from the cuticle line, smooth them out with your finger tip and file down the access on the top with a nail buffer. File in one direction though!

I used the Gloss Ultra Shine Palette. Order them directly from their website and you will get 15% off your first order. I caved and ordered the set for toes as well. It looks like an actual gel nail manicure…..for 9 dollars and an intense hour or so; this is a great deal! I still need someone to cut down my cuticles on my right pinky every once in a while though! check out the how-to video to master the skill.

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