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Underwear Part II

We all have a favorite bra right? Or maybe more than one…my collection runs deep but I tend to stick to a few favorites. Not always the prettiest but the one that compliments my out fit. Underwear Let’s be honest, not every t-shirt bra is perfect under a t-shirt…

Not the best T-shirt bra…

Like panties…bras can make or break an outfit. (link) A friend of mine swears by ThirdLove bras. She had a bit more to hold up and they looked mighty perky so I decided to give it a shot. These babies aren’t cheap but it turned out to be a worthwhile investment. You may have to shop around for the perfect bra for you on the Thirdlove site. Maybe that’s why it’s not called FirstLove…I ended up falling in love with the 24/7 plunge bra, in the never sexy nude version. Mind you, I’m also not a push up type of gal although I think they do have a push-up version of this bra.

ThirdLove with a slight sunburn….

Prior to this I stuck to good ole Victoria’s Secret which also resulted in an abundance of panties. Who can resist 10 panties for $35.00?! A few VS bras are great when it comes to concealing the what I call side boob flab but what the VS sales girl loving refers to as “breast tissue”. When wearing sleeveless shirts or tanks you do not want to have that “tissue” hanging over the side….

The Body by Victoria bra is perfect for the side flab since it has an extra wide band on the side that does not cut into your skin. The latter causes the breast tissue to be pushed up and out, which is never a good look! These bras also do not run cheap, but there is always a good coupon or sale right around the corner.

Body bra by Victoria’s Secret

As far as panties are concerned, there is no such thing as stemless or invisible. Just make sure you wear the right size, and the right type of undies. I will give an honorable mention to Target: Auden high-waisted seamless thong. Although the seams are not quite seamless. They work pretty well under a body con dress…if going commando is out of the question….Underwear

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