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Some mistook my tights tutorial for my thighs. I do have some Clydesdale legs. These in part are the result of my Dutch upbringing which entailed a lot of bike riding. Secondly; and this is a life long activity: a lot of dancing!

To maintain I swear by Barre exercises. Barre Amped Bootcamp by Susan Bowen is my favorite. Good pain! Plus I try to walk a lot…”I don’t run unless I am chased” is my motto.

Another big part of my thick thighs are my shoes. I wear heels about 80% of my week. I don’t even take them off when I go grocery shopping after work. This is all exercise to me.

I noticed this especially during my short stint of working from home. It didn’t take long for my thighs to giggle after resorting to socks for a few weeks.

Obviously there are other ways to work your thighs but my mom reads this blog on occasion. So I’m going to leave you with the above mentioned! *wink*

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