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Tights tutorial

Inquiring minds wanted to know about tights. I love my tights during the fall and winter season. Pantyhose not so much even though my job has that antiquated dress code requirement.

The number on some packaging of tights refers to the denier level. This is basically the amount of transparency a pair of tights will have. Denier is the actual measurement of the thickness of the threads. I did study this way back in the day…see some of it stuck!

This number ranges from 5 to 100 and up. Sheerer tights will be between 5 and 50. Every thing over that number will be more opaque. I prefer around 80 in the winter. Some brands go as high as 200, which in my country would qualify as maillots.

The beauty of tights to me is that they are mostly not control top. I am that person who cuts “v”’s in control tops so I can breath. This can lead to unsightly lines when you’re wearing a tighter dress. There’s a perfect solution out there for this too!

80 denier

My all time favorite are the ones from Primark. In the US, Primark stores are still a novelty so for me this requires some traveling. I stock up on their tights especially the ones with the wide waist band since this eliminates the lines. So comfy! They also carry the weather sensor tights that keep you warm or cool when needed. Isn’t that amazing? Smart leg covering!

If you want to splurge, which is justifiable…Good tights will last a long time…try Spanx tummy shaping tights for $38.00. When Primark is not within reach I also like a New Day tights from Target or H&M 2-pack fine knit tights.

All of them will give you a reason to hike that hem line up a little bit and rock yo legs!

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