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Trader Joe’s Hidden Gems

Have you ever shopped beauty products at Trader Joe’s? Neither have I. But since they are affordable and right there within reach; I figured, why the heck not? Since my The Ordinary Caffeine serum needed a partner moisturizer for my eyes.

Que: Trader Joe’s Supreme Hydrating eye cream. It sounds too good to be true. For $5.99 you get an eye cream that contains hydrolyzed marine collagen, coenzyme, Q10, Manuka Honey, hibiscus extract plus almond, Argan, rose hip AND Marula seed oils. Say wha!?! It’s not overly greasy and is absorbed rather quickly. I have been mixing it with my concealer after the serum and I love the results. I will let you know if this stuff has lasting results in a few weeks of applying it at night as a moisturizer. It seems like a winner with all those ingredients but “I have heard it all before”….

Trader Joe’s Lemon Grass Coconut Body Oil with Almond and Jojoba oil already won in my book. You know I am lazy and therefore love applying oil right after I shower before I dry off. Especially in the winter, cause it’s too cold once I open that shower curtain. It is not as thick and greasy as castor or coconut oil, but a little thicker than baby oil. You will still slide off the toilet seat though! It will leave you smelling like lemon grass all day, this may not mix well with your other perfumes. But since the scent reminds me of citronella, it may repel mosquitoes in the summer as well. Silky smooth and bug free…added bonus people!

Another favorite of mine are Trader Joe’s Stroopwafels, they are almost like the real deal. Please do not nuke them but lay them on top of your cup of warm tea or coffee to let the steam warm them up a little. Not good for your skin, under eye area or thighs but perfect for an overall feel good moment.

All three of the above will make great last minute gifts or stocking stuffers!

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