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Blue Monday

On this bright, beautiful Monday I first learned about Blue Monday. We should only be celebrating Martin Luther King’s legacy today but apparently these days are both the 3rd Monday in January. Who knew? Or have I just been hiding under my silver lined rock?

The “science” behind Blue Monday is that this could be your most depressing day of the year. The day where you realize you overspent during the holidays. The day you are confronted with the tightness in your figurative belt as well. The day where you are just getting tired of the cold…

So many things I want to say…but overall I think Mondays can be a blah day because you have to get back into your work/school routine after a fun weekend. I am the annoying one who is thankful for a new week….do I have blah Mondays? Absolutely! Tuesdays, Thursday….that’s only human. But I have learned over the years that it takes a lot more energy to be negative than to be positive.

Therefore the annoying hippie chick in me would encourage you to celebrate Blue Monday. Make a plan to get back on track financially, get out there and go for a walk to shred those extra pounds. Emerge from the gloomy days with a banging bod.

Easier said than done? For sure! But to emphasize on this for a day….don’t tell me Hallmark has a card for this! Let’s get back to what the 3rd Monday of January should really be about. The legacy of Martin Luther King. My favorite quote of his is to move forward…ironically the solution for Blue Monday. Also a much needed quote in the current climate, as it seem we are more stagnant or even going backwards. Please don’t give up hope. We are truly all in this together.

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