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Face Masks

I look at all the positive sides of wearing masks. Especially since they will remain a necessary accessory. Which brings me to silver lining number one; a new accessory.

I have fun with them. I do make sure they are mostly cotton and have an extra compartment for a filter. I will admit I try to coordinate my masks with my outfits. Don’t knock it! This is if I actually remember to grab one before I leave the house and don’t have to resort to the reusable ones I have stored in my car.

Another accessory that has become invaluable to me is the mask chain. This has also become a fun addition to my collection. I love these the most when I go walking so I have it on hand at all times when someone passes me by. These are easily made from old necklaces and some lobster clasps by the way.

I consider the following a plus side as well: minimizing make up while you’re wearing a mask so you won’t clog up your pores. I don’t even feel the need to wear foundation, mask or no mask, I usually stick to a tinted moisturizer. But if you prefer foundation then stick to a matte formula with a medium to light coverage. Make up and masks is a whole other blog! I will elaborate on that shortly.

For now I will move on to another bright side of masks….and this one effects both parties. My neighbor would have thanked me too when I ran out to put the garbage out with peanut butter breath and unbrushed teeth…hey it was early! Don’t forget about your teeth though. It is easier to skip the mouthwash, flossing or your after lunch brush. Not necessarily done for the benefit of your teeth but more so others…sometimes 6 feet apart is just not enough. Keep brushing, flossing and rinsing. Please!

Side note; wash a mask like you wash your underwear. Meaning; every day. This is why disposable masks may not be a bad idea for some, unless you keep re-using them obviously. They are also not as great for the environment. For me it’s a good excuse to expand my new collection of this necessary accessory!

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